Sonic Mania Plus for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch

We analyzed Sonic Mania Plus, an improved version of the game that appeared a year ago, which incorporates new characters, modes and zones to platforms with a classic flavor. And that also comes in an unbeatable physical format for Ps4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Sonic the hedgehog was the first game we discussed in Hobbyconsolas 27 years ago, so you can imagine the love we have for the blue hedgehog of Sega . The star cartridge of Megadrive conquered us for its speed, an impressive technical section for the time and a platform structure as we had not seen before (elements that are very well preserved in Sonic Mania Plus ). Sure, there was Mario Bros, but Sonic was much faster, with intricate levels full of loopings and ringlets, a more fun music and all the nerve that the Nintendo plumber lacked. Only this way the creation of Yuji Naka could make its way in such a complicated genre.  

A year ago we offered the analysis of Sonic Mania , without a doubt the best tribute that could be made to the classic Sonic games. After having gone through all the imaginable formulas, both on the platforms (Sonic 3D, Sonic Adventure, Colors, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Boom …) to other genres, such as Sonic Spinball or Sonic Team Racing itself , we finally We rediscovered the original character, who fell in love with his supersonic perspective of the jumps, the rings, the final bosses.

sonic mania plus 6

A tribute to the original Sonic saga

Sonic Mania had some levels “remasterizados” of the original saga, started by Green Hill Zone , Chemical Plant Zone, Lava Reef or Mechanical Zone, taken from different deliveries, and incorporated new scenarios like Studiopolis, Press Garden or Titanic Monarch Zone. This “tribute” did not stay in the known mechanics: the jump, the “power ups” or the possibility of becoming a ball and accelerating on the site, but it incorporated new elements that fit perfectly with the character, and added variety to the levels.

sonic mania plus 11

To respect, there were even bonus phases to get the emeralds of chaos and a way to unlock the debug menu , with which to change the parameters of Sonic Mania, as in the original Megadrive cartridge . Do you want more? Well the winks to Sega’s mascot (and other company games) are constant and include Puyo Puyo games or a pinball, in which we can get additional characters and bonuses.

sonic mania plus 3

And speaking of characters, the original had Sonic, Knuckles and Tails, each with special abilities. In Sonic Mania Plus two new riders are added: Mighty (an armored armadillo that can make a hammer fall) and Ray (the flying squirrel, which can glide for a few seconds in the air).

Sonic Mania

We do not need to delve much into the gameplay, because everything was very much explained in the analysis of Sonic Mania that we have linked a bit above, and we already showed how much we liked this review. 

sonic mania plus 4

But the news does not end there. Sonic Mania Plus can be played in local cooperative mode, and includes a time trial and split screen competition, which now allows a total of four simultaneous players . We also have a new area: Angel Island, and with the Bis mode in which Sonic rescues the two new characters, and takes them as accompanists throughout the game. 

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Sonic Mania in physical format

Of course they are novelties that improve one of the great surprises of last year, as if we were before a GOTY edition of the digital game. But the best thing is that Sonic Mania Plus is available in physical format , and in a very careful edition.

sonic mania plus 5

In the case of a game like this, mainly aimed at nostalgics that we enjoyed as crazy about 16-bit deliveries (and a few lucky ones from Mega CD), it was almost mandatory that it be released on disk – for PS4, Xbox One and PC- or in cartridge for Nintendo Switch.  

Sonic Mania Plus

Not content with that, Sega has taken out a very careful edition, which includes a book of 32 pages with the original sketches of the game, a cardboard box in golden color and, to curl the curl, a reversible cover in Megadrive format that is simply apotheosical. Sonic Mania Plus is a piece of collecting. 

sonic mania plus 9

Music, effects, control – with that small inertia that can cost us valuable rings – and pixelated graphics are an updated version of what we would expect from a hypothetical Sonic 4. It is clear that to move these sprites, with detailed backgrounds, to the Speed ​​that passes Sonic Mania Plus and 60 constant FPS requires a powerful console like the current ones, but the virtue of the game is that it never boasts of this power, and plays with the rules that would have had a cartridge in the 16-bit machine of Sega. 

Few “buts” can be put on this version. Only the most “pejigueros” bother reading everywhere Eggman instead of Dr. Robotnik (although it was also his name after all) or that the duration, from four to five hours is closer to the classic games that to a modern platforms. Sonic Mania Plus is exactly what we had asked fans of this game, and the physical edition could not have left us more satisfied.   

sonic mania plus

And if you are one of those who already had Sonic Mania downloaded to your console, all the additional content of the plus version can be downloaded, so that it is not necessary to buy it again.  

sonic mania plus 2


A great platform game faithful to the style of the first Sonic, careful to detail and -in the Plus version- also has a new mode, two extra characters, four simultaneous players in the local and a careful physical edition that will delight collectors.

The best

An immense tribute to the best Sonic games, with new modes, extra characters and in a very careful physical format.


If we already had the previous game, you can download the extras, but the additional content does not add much.

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