Ancelotti reveals that Vinicius morale is normal.

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Vinicius Junior still has normal morale, according to the revelations of Carlo Ancelotti, the white football team boss.

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has revealed that. Vinicius Junior has a normal morale with all the support the Brazilian has received over the past few days. since facing racist abuse in Valencia. According to a report from Deario As on Thursday. 

‘His morale is still good. All the support he has received in the past few days has been good for him. I don’t think there will be any more racism. Because we are all aware of that. And things are going to get better very quickly.’ said Ancelotti.

According to Deario As, citing sources close to Vinicius Junior. The 22-year-old is proud of his actions on the pitch and on social media. This has made the topic of racism and racism in Spanish football a key issue. That needs to be addressed. A number of prominent figures came out in support of the Brazilian striker and stood by him in his war against discrimination UFABET

In fact, it wasn’t just one fan who tried to do that to the Brazil star. Because there are many more ‘Los Che’ fans who have deliberately racist expressions against ‘Vinicius’.

Throughout the 2022/23 season, ‘Wini’ has been the most severe and frequent racist abuse among footballers, especially at Real Madrid. Madrid had to go out to play as an away team. In the past, there have been attempts by both himself and others calling for an end to such actions.