Barcelona cleared the wages of ‘3 legends’ from the team

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The overhaul event continues. Recently, there was news that Barcelona Wanting to cut wages by another 150 million pounds by parting with the senior players in the near future,

Barca manages to open the economic lever to survive the risky financial situation in the summer. Ready to pay another 145 million pounds to buy new players,

however , UFABET tabloid Dan Bulls revealed that their wage budget is still up to 546 million pounds. Which is down to another 150 million pounds, about 376-402. million pounds.

The Catalan giants’ monetary troubles have been well document over the past year. To the extent that Lionel Messi had to be let go as Barcelona could no longer afford to pay his extortionate wages.

It is also claimed that Parting with legendary captains Jordi Alba, Sergio Busquets and Kerr Pique is an option to cut costs. while several players who stayed at Camp Nou agreed to lower their huge salaries to help Barca continue to operate and bring in new signings.

All three players have served “Boon Yok” for a long time. Busquets played 685 games, Pique 608 matches, while Alba played 433 games, which if the trio actually moved team was a loss. The club’s

news reports came after Edouard Romeu, vice president of economics. Claims the club is financially sound enough to bring Lionel Messi back from Paris Saint-Germain. When the contract expires in 2023