Dragon Tiger Online is similar to Baccarat, but ends faster.

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Dragon Tiger is a card game that can be classified as a card game that is very similar to Baccarat. But even so, there is another point that is different. Baccarat is a card game that can choose to bet with a format that can be arrange. That is quite diverse than Dragon Tiger. And it can be decide with 3 cards, not 1 card like Dragon Tiger card game. But for the Tiger-Dragon card game.

It is not possible to choose the rules of betting in a variety of ways. Than the card points or the color of the cards, which the rules of playing cards in general, is to just show the cards. One card can eat money or settle bets immediately. Another advantage of the card game is the speed of each betting round and the easy payout rate. For these reasons, the card game is a popular card game. And is very popular with gamblers who want to finish the game quickly.

How to bet on Tiger Dragon

style of play or the rules of playing cards that tiger and dragon It is very easy to understand. For newbies, you need to learn how to form and form the cards. And the style of play will have a game that is similar to the type of card game UFABET, but the style of the Dragon Tiger card game. It will be use in the part of 1 card only. In the Dragon Tiger card game, there will be no opening or showing any cards at all. There are 3 types of types of playing Tiger Dragon cards as follows:

dragon side

Betting or betting selection of the dragon side. It is used to define the color red and the style of playing cards. There is an opportunity to show the cards first. And can know the scores of the opposing side first The chance of getting or payout rate is 1 to 1.

tiger side

Bet on Tiger’s side that will be use to set the color to blue and will be dealt. Or not to show the cards later have learned to score. After the show of the dragon side The payout rate of the tiger side and the dragon side will be 1 to 1 as well.

always stab

Forms of bets In a tie bet, it is a form of betting. with the opportunity in terms of getting the same size which the probability and occurrence rate will be quite difficult The payout rate is 1 to 8.

Players must place bets. But bets must be made to choose the side. Whether wanting to bet on the tiger’s side, the dragon’s side or a tie, the dealer or the card dealer will deal cards to both sides, 1 card each. The dealer will show the cards. If either side gets more points, it is considered winning the game immediately.