“Henry” pointed out that VAR must be faster, clearer

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Thierry Henry, former Premier League player It sees that football still has a lot to learn to use VAR, with both speed and clarity need to be improved.

VAR has been a tool that has been criticized since its introduction several years ago. Especially in the Premier League, which lacks continuity and transparency

, Henri thinks football has to learn to use VAR from other sports. to improve both sensitivity and clarity

“What I see from American football, rugby, cricket, tennis or whatever. is that it knows its immediate effect,” he said to UFABET

“We also know that Karma will give you an explanation. They have microphones, they can talk, especially in tennis. Will you decide to compete with the computer?”

“If you start doing that It’s definitely going to be a problem with VAR. The thing that annoys me the most is that it’s not fast enough. It also depends on the decision of the people in the truck or wherever they are, because VAR is not the judge. But it’s just a review of the situation.”

“Then the guy on the truck will tell the judges whether you made a right or wrong decision. Sometimes it helps sometimes not But I understand that humans can make mistakes.”

“(Semi-automatic offside) in the Champions League for me As long as it works fast and we have an explanation. I can see that the offside players, you move on.”

“What annoys me is the interpretation. when one person says one thing But another person said another. Then the rules changed the following week. make it difficult We have to learn