Introducing 5 formulas for online football betting

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Football betting formulas. Football betting for some people may think that it is playing using luck alone. But if you only use luck to play, there will be people who hit either single ball or multiple ball combinations. Consecutive games? Obviously, most football gamblers don’t just use luck. But he has a formula for football betting that is unique to each person. สมัคร UFABET

Sian football betting formula

1. Formula for single football betting

Eating profits by choosing to bet on the ball that always has an opportunity. Specifically, use the formula for selecting a pair of balls and looking at the handicap price or determining the odds of that pair. To be consistent with the results of the actual competition as much as possible

for example

Choosing to continue betting with choosing a pair of balls with handicap pricing that doesn’t differ much. and should not exceed 1.0 or less. Because the chances that the ball will win in such a game will certainly be greater. with advantages in various fields which is a factor in determining the odds Therefore, looking at the ball price can also help to use this formula more effectively. Beating the underdog team by just one goal difference should be enough to make money to continue betting right away.

2. Secondary football betting formulas focus on handicap.

Focus on looking at the handicap price with every football pair. Including setting the handicap that needs to be the most different and should not be lower than 2.0 or more, even if the chances of a minor ball are more likely to lose. But losing with a goal difference of no more than 2 is still an opportunity to make money for betting on the underdog team immediately. If using this technique to bet on the ball Football gamblers do not need to sit and be tired at all. 

Beating each other with a small number of different goals. Along with the opportunity to win goals for each team that does not need to be tired enough. This formula selects the most probable pair of balls. Choose a secondary ball that has the opportunity to see which players are on the field. Including considering the odds of the number of goals with every pair of balls.

3. Rollover Betting Formula

This formula works for both single ball and step ball, which is a form of success for many gamblers. because in addition to increasing the chances of getting money in the next round It also helps reduce the risk. Compound betting formula, which increases the investment by one time with each bet.

for example

The first ball pair set the initial investment at 1,000 baht. in the next pair The gambler can increase the investment amount by 1 time, which is the initial investment of 2000 baht, and if something goes wrong again. There has been an increasing amount of money added steadily. But for compound betting formulas, there may be one limitation, especially with football gamblers with little capital. because the investment must be doubled Therefore, before placing a bet, if you want to use this formula, calculate your own money well.

4. Betting on the home minor ball

This form of betting formula focuses on betting on the home minor ball. Including there must be an odds attached to it. In the form of price there is a relatively small disadvantage. This formula can be used to play set football.

for example

The half price or 1.25 it will provide an opportunity for profit. Even if only halfway in the event of a secondary ball conceding a goal. Or lose just 1 goal, it still creates a good betting opportunity. which the conditions of betting on the home ball, this may have to look at the conditions in the match schedule that this team’s secondary ball How much is needed, especially the secondary balls that are about to escape relegation, will have a lot of extra strength to play at their best at home.

5. Formula to play low when there is a score

No matter which match you choose to bet on, just compare the odds or the disadvantage that arises. The option of betting on low scores when goals are scored. There will be a gap in the price that occurs. (When opening the game for just a few minutes Any pair of balls that have a goal scored will result in a price gap.)

for example

In the first minute it was scored in the first half, the odds were raised to 2.5 goals, even if the odds were low. But there is still a chance that the bettor will be able to profit from betting. Or even betting on other options during the match can help reduce the risk.

Using a formula for betting on football Of course, it is inevitable to say that it is the smartest and safest idea for betting. Because we do not only rely on horoscopes, but we also have to use a formula to calculate the likelihood of the outcome of the match at that time, so that the bettor can see the victory more clearly.