“Redknapp” accepts to read the contract is not good

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Harry Redknapp has revealed that he did not read the details of his Tottenham Hotspur contract thoroughly, leading to missing out on the role of England manager

. Capello, who retired before the Euro 2012 tournament,

Redknapp is seen as a favorite for the title after leading Spurs to Champions League football for the first time in the club’s history

. Chosen to appoint Roy Hodson as manager. Which caused a lot of suspicion by the latest Redknapp recently revealed that The terms of the contract with Tottenham could cause him to miss the event.

“There are some crazy terms in my contract. This means that any club that wants me. Or in this case the FA, has to pay £5 million to Portsmouth. The club before I took charge of Spurs, including all the wages I earned. Tottenham and the rest of the contract as well.” UFABET

“It’s like a £15million release clause… I didn’t read it well. never once which is my fault It’s what I should

have done. I just think the FA would consider it too expensive and Roy might be a cheaper option

and  I think he might be better suited to the FA than me.”

“I blame myself for that damn contract. but as said I must be someone who isn’t.”