What is Cow Baccarat ?

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Cow Baccarat is played similar to normal Baccarat. Whether it’s dealing cards, drawing cards, but what’s different from normal baccarat is that it uses only one deck of cards to be dealt to play. Makes it easier to remember what cards have already been released. It can be used to memorize or remember statistics more easily.

How to play cow baccarat

  1. The dealer will deal cards to both sides. Player (Player) and Banker (Banker) two cards each.
  2. betting You can choose to bet on any side like baccarat.
  3. When all cards have been paid, see the result of losing and winning If placing a bet on the winning side, you will receive a reward.

Why is bull baccarat so popular?

Because it’s a new game, so many people are interested and when they come in to try it, they feel like they like it. Excited about the new play and the rewards are worth it. causing many people to come and earn money from this game, not less With a simple play, easy to understand, not complicated. It is another reason that many gamblers pay attention and choose to play baccarat cow itself.

What do you need to know before playing this game?

  • This game uses all 52 cards.  To play baccarat cows. A total of 52 cards are used together. All jokers are eliminate, so don’t be surprised that you never get a joke.
  • Should analyze and choose to bet well.  In which the technique of playing baccarat may be used to assist in the analysis to increase the chances of winning a higher bet.

Cow Baccarat Summary

It is a very interesting game for baccarat cows. With an easy way to play, it doesn’t look too complicated. You too come and try to bet on cow baccarat a bit. And will find fun, get good money, not losing to normal baccarat, and cow baccarat is also available in many camps such as our UFABET.