Summary of the Bethesda conference at E3 2018 and games

The Bethesda conference has arrived at E3 2018 ! After the EA conference at E3 2018 and the Microsoft conference at E3 2018 , of which you can know everything that has been announced in detail in a complete summary, it is Bethesda’s turn  . This will be the fourth year since the company will have its own conference at the big videogame fair and games such as  Rage 2 and Fallout 76 have been confirmed  , although they will not be the only ones!

We hope to leave doubts about the rumored Prey DLC , recently filtered, and also receive surprises as, for example, a new  DOOM  from id Software or the desired announcement of  The Elder Scrolls VI . But time has come to an end! It’s time to see the Bethesda conference at E3 2018 . We start!

03:30 – The third conference of E3 2018 begins ! The company starts with an emotional video made by all the studios that develop for Bethesda and that also reviews some of the latest games published by the company as DOOM VR or The Evil Within 2 .

03:30 – Pete Hines , president of Bethesda, takes the stage and, after a brief review of the company’s most recent past, gives way to Rage 2 . 

03:36 – We have a live concert live before Rage 2 !

03:39 – After the brief concert, the developers of the game,  Avalanche Studios , take to the stage to present a first and extensive Rage 2 gameplay. It will have an open world without load screens, unlike its predecessor, and the fighting in vehicles they will continue to have a prominent role in the game. The company has announced that the game will hit PS4 , Xbox One and PC during the spring of 2019. 

03:50 – The time has come for The Elder Scrolls Legends . The card game of the franchise makes the leap to consoles and is presented with a trailer. 

03:53 – Bethesda continues with The Elder Scrolls Online and the latest game releases like the newly launched Summerset expansion . 

03:58 – SURPRISE! The company has just announced DOOM Eternal , sequel to the latest DOOM, with a spectacular trailer. It is a new and frantic adventure starring the mythical “Uncle DOOM”.

04:02 – There is also time for Quake Champions and its novelties, among which it stands out that it is already available with a free trial. 

04:07 – The Prey DLC is confirmed! Prey Mooncrash is the Prey DLC that will take us to the Moon … And it’s available! In addition, the company has announced new game modes for Prey  as the new plus game, with which we can start from scratch with all the improvements obtained in a previous game, and  Prey Typhon Hunter,  a multiplayer mode compatible with VR. All this and much more thanks to a free update of the game. 

04:11 – The time has come for Wolfenstein II and its release on Nintendo Switch . But also of a new Wolfenstein! Wolfenstein Youngblood is the new installment of the saga, a cooperative experience starring the twin daughters of William J. Blazkowicz and set in the Eighties, 19 years after BJ Blazkowicz unleashed the Second American Revolution in  Wolfenstein II The New Colossus , for 2019. And as if that were not enough, Cyberpilot VR , a virtual reality game set in the same universe , has also been announced .
04:17 – With Todd Howard , director of Bethesda Game Studios, comes Fallout 76 , although with a parody of Skyrim and all the platforms for which it is available before. Start by showing the trailer issued during the Microsoft conference. Then, it presents a gameplay with which we can see in more detail the Refugio 76, one of the control facilities of Vault-Tec, and the surroundings. The company has announced that everything will be more detailed than ever and … that the game will be completely online!

04:35 – We continue to see Fallout 76 with a series of trailers that show us some characteristics of the game, such as the possibility of creating and building wherever we want. Players can join the games of their friends keeping all their progress, and can also collaborate with (or face) other players who populate their world, but they can also play alone.

04:42 – Surprise! Bethesda announces that  Fallout Shelter  arrives this night on PS4and Nintendo Switch.

04:46 – Returning to The Elder Scrolls, Todd Howard has announced The Elder Scrolls Blades , a new game for iOS and Android phones that will arrive  this fall. 

04:52 – Bomb! The existence of Starfield is confirmed . It is the first and new IP in 25 years in which the company is working and which will arrive in the next generation. With this, Bethesda breaks his promise not to talk about games that will not be launched in the short term.

04:55 – And when it looked like it was going to end … BETHESDA CONFIRMS THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE ELDER SCROLLS VI ! For now, we only have a brief teaser trailer, which seems to indicate that there is still a long time to be able to know more about what is, without any doubt, one of the most anticipated games of recent years. 


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