Tetsuya Nomura: «We announce the remake of Final Fantasy VII too soon»

The wildly anticipated remake of Final Fantasy VII was announced at E3 in 2015, three years ago, but at E3 two weeks ago there was no sign of it. His revelation came at a Sony conference, remember, especially tear-gas: we had the first dose in many years of The Last Guardian when everyone thought he was dead, Shenmue made an even more unexpected appearance and finally announced what the fans did more than ask, demand, as a necessity, a right: the return of Final Fantasy VII . Maybe because of that pressure Square Enix decided to come up and officially bring to light the information, already rumored, that was working on the remake of FFVII. And of those powders, these muds.

Now Tetsuya Nomurahas acknowledged in an interview with the Italian website Multiplayer that it was not only announced soon for the development phase in which FFVII was, but maybe even too soon: “I am very aware of the fact that we announced it too soon, but even in the industry was starting to spread the rumor that we were working on the game, so we decided not to keep the secret anymore and officially reveal it ».

Nomura also talks about other very recent cases in which Square Enix has suffered from a similar problem when calculating the times, specifically the Kingdom Hearts III, which will finally go on sale next January 29 if everything goes as it should, but that It was announced to the world at E3 of 2013. And five and a half years between official announcement and release date is, by all accounts, a bit excessive. “Deciding when to advertise your game to the public is always difficult, and in our case we usually get a lot of pressure from the fans even when we do not announce anything,” Nomura explains. “People are waiting for new information regardless of whether the game has been announced or not.”

Beyond that this serves to draw theories about the launch window of Final Fantasy VII Remake (both developments are being done in parallel, and if KHIII comes out shortly, it is expected that FFVII Remake receives a good boost in the coming months , maybe with possibilities to leave at the end of 2019), the issue of the time between the announcement and the launching opens an interesting debate, especially now that some companies have chosen to announce some of their games only a few months before reaching the stores, and the refreshing acoustic that gives when a distributor launches a game in the same moment in which it is announced. It is not always possible to do this, but maybe letting half a decade pass is not the best idea either.

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