The Elder Scrolls VI announced, first teaser

To put an end to the Bethesda conference at E3 2018 , Todd Howard has announced something that fans have been waiting for years: The Elder Scrolls VI . With a brief teaser of just a few seconds, we have been able to contemplate the first images of the new installment of this legendary RPG saga.

Unfortunately, that has been everything: no platforms, no location, much less a release date. At least, the teaser of The Elder Scrolls VI will serve so that during the next months, the community can elaborate theories about where this new delivery will be located. After the frozen moors of Skyrim … What part of Tamriel would you like to visit in The Elder Scrolls VI ?

We remind you that we are (and will be) covering all the E3 2018: conferences, trailers, impressions from Los Angeles, reports, surprises … IF you want to be aware of what happens in the most important fair in the world of videogames … You are in the right place. For the moment, we leave you the schedules of all the conferences so that you have it controlled. Enjoy!

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