The first episode of Life is Strange 2 will arrive on September 27

It is scarce even to be a teaser. The new promotional video for the second season of Life is Strange shows little, very little, and, at the same time, says a lot. We know that this new installment will debut on September 27 and it is confirmed that it will have five episodes, just as the previous one did. From the official Twitter account of DONTNOD assure that in August we will know many more details about the plot of the game that may be pre-booked along with The Incredible Adventures of Captain Spirit, the company’s new free title, which is not only acclimated Oregon like Arcadia Bay, but is considered by the team as a kind of demo for the sequel whose decisions will impact the plot of the same.

The tone of the teaser is obviously darker than all the promotional material related to the first delivery. Announced in May 2017, it has been developed by the company’s second team in parallel with Vampyr. Among the details we know of the argument is that it will have new characters and that neither Max nor Chloe will be the protagonists.

The first episodes of Life is Strange 2 will arrive on September 27 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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