The narrative of Resident Evil 2 Remake will be deeper than in the original game

Capcom assures that the narrative of Resident Evil 2 Remake will offer improvements so that it is much deeper than in the original game . We tell you the details of why the remake will be much deeper than the successful survival horror game originally launched in 1998. 

As time passes, it becomes increasingly clear that we will not be facing a simple remake of Resident Evil 2 , but it will be a new game  and more a survival horror than a shooter  as stated by Capcom , the developer of the game, Recently. Well, to go further, it was Capcom itself, this time also, has spoken about the narrative, ensuring that it will be deeper and not just for the graphic improvements.

According to Mike Lunn, representative of the brand in Capcom, to GamingBolt , this title will improve the game experience thanks to the set of visual improvements and in the history that the team has made. “For example, there will be places in the original game that you may have just walked or walked through, even people you spoke to who may have said a few sentences, you may have more in-depth experiences with all of that. for a long period of time, other times you have a deeper story with that person, they are more involved than in the previous game, the narrative is definitely improved, but I can not talk about it obviously. “

In fact, in the same interview, Mike Lunn has assured that it will not be a faithful representation of the game of 1998. For example,  Resident Evil 2 Remake  has some notable differences, such as the passage of the  fixed camera  of the classic games of the saga a  third-person view  of the shoulder, a decision made after experimenting with the classical camera during development .

We remind you that thanks to the RE Engine engine owned by  Capcom , and already used in  Resident Evil 7 , Resident Evil 2 Remake will offer a version of the classic survival horror saga with an incredibly realistic visual section. Resident Evil 2 Remake  will go on sale next January 25 for  PS4 ,  Xbox One  and  PC . You can know more details about the game thanks to our impressions after playing it in E3 2018.

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