The next generation of Xbox could arrive in 2020

At the end of the Microsoft conference at E3 2018 , Phil Spencer revealed that the company is already working on the next generation of Xbox . Although it did not dare to give a date, it is believed that the launch of the popularly called Xbox Two could take place in 2020.

In recent weeks, rumors that the PS5 and the Xbox Two are approaching have been sounding strong. Recently, Sony has admitted that the PS4 is in the final stage of its life cycle, and analysts believe that both the Japanese company and Microsoft will launch their new consoles in about two years.

Michael Pachter, video game analyst, already predicted that 2020 could be the year in which the new generation of the Xbox would land. “And then we will continue to receive new consoles every three years, and their software will be compatible with the systems published before them … I think that will be the pattern,” he said .

Now, a report by Brad Sams in  Thurrott  states that the American corporation is not only working on the next generation of Xbox, but could be a family of devices in the framework of a project with the code name of Scarlett.

“What we do not know is whether it’s a new set of devices or just a more powerful Xbox One,” writes Sams. Therefore, it is not known for sure if it will finally be a family of products and, if so, what other devices could be composed.

If we take into account that the Xbox One X reached the market last year, it might seem that 2020 is a somewhat hasty date to present a new console. Nonetheless, Sams sources claim that Microsoft is moving forward in leaps and bounds in order to shake up the industry.

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