This would be the processor that would be used by the new Hololens 2

The launch of the new Hololens 2 could end up happening throughout the first quarter of 2019, the new augmented reality glasses from Microsoft that, on this occasion, would be a little more focused on the general public and could have a processor Qualcomm who had not entered the equation in the latest rumors.

The new augmented reality glasses from Microsoft , which had already been speculated on with their development, could make a nod to the general public and not so much to the developers, with the use of the snapdragon XR1 processor .

We are talking about a specifically developed processor thinking about artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, which is practically what these glasses offer. That is why we would be before the ideal actor to give life to one of the most interesting projects that could end up arriving throughout 2019.

The snapdragon XR1 is prepared for all kinds of advances such as directional audio, 4K video playback at 60 fps, possible use of QHD resolution screens, tracking environments, 360 ° videos and, ultimately, offers an augmented reality experience. more reliable as possible.

According to the latest rumors, these glasses would have a camera inspired by Kinect but offering a greater field of vision working on the Windows 10 version of ARM processors .

By dispensing with what was supposed to be its chip, the snapdragon 845, more competitive prices could be offered for these new augmented reality glasses, thus helping to reduce production costs and putting a sale price somewhat more affordable than the current model.

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