Valve makes official the arrival of Steam to China

Valve plans to officially take Steam to China to bring its distribution service, gaming library and gaming platform to one of the most important audiences in the world. The plan was announced yesterday along with Perfect World , a company based in Shanghai with which Valve has previously worked to launch the versions adapted to the Asian market of Dota 2 and CS: GO. Actually, Steam is already accessible from China, but as you can imagine it is an unofficial availability that does not comply with legislation and censorship, so playing can cause unwanted blockages.

By partnering with a local company, Valve will allow the service to be completely secure. In addition, the videogame market continues to grow in China, especially due to mobile development, so that this guarantees that players can access many more games than ever before. On the other hand, and how could it be otherwise, the Steam store will be subject to censorship wherever the government deems appropriate. It is still unknown how Valve will deal with this , but it will be curious to see his next step, especially after he announced that he would eliminate Steam’s censorship . The launch of Steam in China, as Valve has said, will not affect the rest of services. Valve will collaborate with Perfect World in the launch of the platform, as well as in the marketing and cataloging of games, so it is expected that there will be a selection process.

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