What is a nanometer

We are sure that in recent times you have heard about nanometers thanks to the chip manufacturers. But do you know what they are or what they are? We tell you

nanometer , really, is a measure of length that equals one billionth of a meter.

But you already knew that, and what we want to talk about is the extent to which the size of the processors is classified .

The more nanometers, the bigger the chip. You may think that the smaller a processor is, the less power it will have … well, no.

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It turns out that reducing the size of the chip can make it much more efficient. In many cases, the smaller it is, the greater energy savings and, therefore, the higher performance.

In other words: that is faster to allow us to execute tasks more fluently; and, on the other hand, that consumes less energy, increasing the autonomy of the devices and, in the case of computers, that we reduce the electricity bill.

Currently 10-nanometer chips are being manufactured , which leaves us the possibility of having thinner devices that heat up less. Thus, we will see how this figure decreases as the years go by.

In fact, it is expected that by 2020 5-nanometer processors will be manufactured , something really tiny if we take into account that 30 years ago we were talking about 2,000-nanometer chips.

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