WhatsApp Beta starts to warn if message has been copied / forwarded

Anyone who copies WhatsApp conversations may be intimidated by a new feature. WhatsApp Beta for Android features a function that tells you when a message has been forwarded from another conversation. As of version 2.18.179, the application will now show the label “Forwarded” above the message, thus indicating whether the content is authored by the contact or not.

Only users of the WhatsApp Android test version can see the new indication.

According to the WABetaInfo site, which specializes in WhatsApp function leaks, the forwarded message warning is only valid for recent messages . The application does not enter the name of the author of the original message. In any case, he does not know whether the information was passed on to third parties.

As we can see, WhatsApp goes against the Telegram, which already has such functionality the longest. There, in addition to informing when a message is the result of forwarding, the Telegram still displays who created the content and lets you open a conversation with the author with just a tap.

The whole idea is to avoid spam. Anyway, it’s worth mentioning that the fact that content has been forwarded does not mean it’s spam or even part of a scam. Either way, it’s an important warning sign for all users.

The “forwarded” note is valid for images, videos and also texts. According to a WABeta Info publication, the feature will work with new messages, originally sent starting June 8. So, if someone sends some text sent for weeks or months, the application should not indicate. Also, the originator of the original message will not be warned. Nor will it be possible to see who originally wrote the text.

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