WhatsApp would arrive natively to Windows 10

native version of WhatsApp for Windows 10 could be up and running, if a recent leaked design from a Microsoft developer can be validated. In this way one of the main demands of users, for some time, would be met.

Although WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging application in the world, it is curious that there is no native application for Windows 10. During the last few years there have been many rumors about the development of this application that could already be in its final stages of development to be available throughout this year.

According to different filtered images, it seems that Microsoft and WhatsApp are working closely to create a new native application for Windows 10, which would be aimed both for computers and for tablets with this operating system.

WhatsApp Windows 10

The native application of WhatsApp for Windows 10 would have a design similar to the one we are already used to, but obviously adding certain features that are not present in the limited WhatsApp Web, the desktop version of this application.

Apparently, this new version could also work on the Hololens or even on Xbox One, which would greatly facilitate communication using other devices in the Windows 10 ecosystem.

As we have said, these images that have appeared on the network belong to one of the developers and designers of Microsoft, so that finally appear this WhatsApp application for Windows 10 , it would be very similar.

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