Xbox Scarlet: Codename of the next generation of Microsoft console

On Sunday (10), during the Microsoft conference at E3 2018 , the head of the Xbox division revealed that the company is working on future Xbox consoles. The company has not revealed more details about the ninth generation video games, but evidence shows that they can be presented even before the expected.

“Microsoft is deeply focused on architecting the next consoles. And once again we will honor our commitment to be a benchmark for the gaming industry, “said Phil Spencer, chief of the Xbox division.

According to the Thurrott site, Microsoft is expected to launch the new line of Xbox consoles by 2020. Without a specific date, the likelihood of launching into the next decade is very high. Anyway, it is still necessary to wait to discover the news about the new Xbox.

The same site that cited a possible year of release of the consoles said that Microsoft is calling the future generation by the code name Scarlet, which may be a way to give indications of what to wait for the next consoles to be released.

During E3, the company further revealed it is now focusing its efforts on launching a streaming gaming platform, which may indicate the future of Xbox Scarlet as a family of consoles without further support for physical media and still using the backward compatibility with previous consoles.

It is worth mentioning that Xbox One  was released in November 2013, about to commemorate five years of existence. In this way, its cycle is coming to an end, despite having received the improved version Xbox One X in November 2017, which displays graphics in 4K resolution.

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