Xiaomi WiFi Repeater, is it worth it?

The world of WiFi repeaters is quite complex, especially if you add the possibility of buying a PLC with WiFi, although it is not necessary if you want an economic signal repeater.

And for economic, the Xiaomi Mi WiFi 2, a repeater that only costs 15 euros and that can be very worthwhile, although obviously depends on the type of user you are and what you are looking for.

In any case, the million-dollar question is whether the characteristics of the signal repeater Xiaomi Mi WiFi 2 are so good , since it is incredibly cheap. Let’s say it has its pros and cons, which we analyze now.

What does this low cost repeater offer?

What you can ask for a WiFi amplifier as cheap as this is that it has a fairly decent range and that it offers a decent speed.

In both cases it can be said that it more than meets. We speak of a transfer rate of 300 Mbps, although unfortunately it does not have WiFi AC . That means that if you usually connect to the 5 GHz network you will not be able to do so in the rooms further away from the router.

In favor is the presence of a double antenna, ideal for the coverage offered to be good enough for medium-sized homes.

Finally, a downside that is not unimportant: it is powered by USB . That is, you have to connect a charger to the plug and connect it to the Mi WiFi 2.

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So, is it worth it, yes or no?

All the points mentioned above are important, although basically the summary is as follows: it is worth buying the Xiaomi Mi WiFi 2 if you do not need an ultra – fast connection speed – since it does not have AC WiFi – and you do not want to spend a lot of money.

It is a good option to bring WiFi to your surveillance cameras or connected devices for the Smart Home, but not if you are going to connect a game console or a laptop away from the router.

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