Yahoo! Messenger closes after 20 years

Yahoo! has announced that next July 17 will definitely close the Yahoo! Messenger , the popular instant messaging app that was born 20 years ago. Despite the efforts, the platform has not been able to cope with modern applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger , and finally say goodbye next month.

In recent years we have witnessed the fall of the first generation of instant messaging applications. Microsoft’s MSN Messenger, the king of messaging during the early years of the millennium, was the first to bid farewell in 2014 . AIM Instant Messenger, another of the most important services at the time, lasted a few more years, but AOL closed it definitively at the end of 2017 .

Despite the push of the new applications, Yahoo! Messenger has managed to stay afloat in recent years. The classic client for the computer that was born in 1998 stopped working in June 2016 , and from that moment on the app was only available.

The platform is especially popular among oil traders since its birth in the late 90s, and has remained the main communication channel for this guild in recent years.

However, this has not been enough for Yahoo! Messenger continue its journey . Verizon, the company that acquired Yahoo! in 2017, he explained the following in a statement: “We know that we have many loyal followers who have used Yahoo! Messenger since its inception as one of the first chat applications of its kind.” As the communications landscape continues to change, we are focusing on creating and introducing new and exciting communication tools that fit better consumer needs. “

If you are an active user of the platform, the company has enabled this link so you can download your Yahoo! Messenger . You will have the possibility of obtaining a copy of your messages during the next six months.

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